Joyce Aboussie

Joyce Aboussie photo with President Clinton

Political Career

Starting in 1977, Aboussie has been active in hundreds of political campaigns. In 1978 she launched her first campaign management and research firm while attending St. Louis University. Aboussie later served as National Political Director for Congressman Dick Gephardt and was at the top of Gephardt’s political organization for nearly 30 years. She has helped elect Democrats at every level of government throughout the nation, from mayors to governors to members of Congress to U.S. senators to presidents of the United States. Through the years, she has managed and consulted on more than 500 political campaigns, with an 80% win record.


“The best ideas have a strong foundation built from countless conversations with people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives”.

Joyce Aboussie

Joyce Aboussie at St. Jude event

Community Involvement